1. Attention Grabbing

    High quality digital video increases viewers' awareness of your brand. Research validates that your message is noticed and acted upon.

    2. Focused Messaging

    Dynamic content change, at each display location within your network, delivers a focused message to your audience.

    3. Cost Effectiveness

    Digital signage reduces the frequency of costly 'static sign' changes or complete replacements and distribution.

    4. Most Businesses ARE Digital Signage Candidates – Organization Size is rarely a Factor

    Custom, cost-effective solutions are available for small and mid-sized organizations. Strategic digital signage elevates any organization's sales and marketing to the next level.

    5. Centralized Management

    Control any number of displays, hundreds or thousands across a network, from one central location. Employ minimal resources to operate the digital signage network, yet maintaining consistency and control.

    6. Brand And Product Awareness

    Strengthen branding through tactical digital signage. Create custom promotions for almost any industry.

    7. Enhance Customer Experience

    Engage in-store consumers, with relevant digital signage marketing. Clear advantages are: Decreased 'perceived wait time'', hence a more positive consumer experience; Studies indicate that 'in motion' digital signage is noticed and read up to ten times more than static signage.

    8. Increase Overall Sales – Cross Selling/Up Selling Opportunities

    Boost cross sales of complementary and high margin products or services.

    9. Benefit from External Advertising on Your Digital Signage Network

    Sell external advertising space on the digital media network to earn 'passive revenue'. External advertisers benefit from high-impact consumer targeting, often realizing superior ROI than traditional methods. New retail product sales have increased by as much as 300%, through strategic use of digital signage network advertising (Arbitron Study)..

    10. Integration With Existing Infrastructure

    Distribute video and audio effortlessly through existing internal cable systems (i.e. CAT5/5e/6).

    11. Analyze the Effectiveness of your Digital Signage

    Employ current reporting and tracking tools to analyze the effectiveness of signage content and overall advertising campaign

    12. Content Creation Flexibility.

    Choose industry-standard content creation tools. Allow internal design staff to develop truly professional presentations.

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