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IMPORTANT: Please follow this guide to reduce potential problems. Well formatted files result in faster turn-around times and the most accurate final product.

Compatible Applications

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Illustrator CS5
  • Photoshop CS5
  • Indesign CS5

Compatible File Formats

  • JPG - Saved with maximum quality possible (settings under image options).
  • TIFF - Saved with LZW compression.
  • PSD - CMYK colour mode with all layers flattened.
  • PDF - Hi-Resolution images embedded. Saved with “Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities” on.
  • EPS - Saved with “embed fonts for other applications” feature turned on.
  • AI - PDF compatible file. Saved with “compression option” on.
  • INDD - With multiple pages saved in separate files.

Artwork Checklist

  • Size: Verify the dimensions and orientation of your artwork.
  • Colour: Set the colour mode to CMYK (We print In CMYK mode only).
  • Pantone Colour: All objects with pantone referenced colours must be on a separate layer.
  • Fonts: All fonts must be converted to outlines.
  • Bleed: A ¼” to ½” bleed must be included in artwork.
  • Transparency: All transparencies must be flattened.
  • Layer: Artwork layers must be flattened except the layers for cut contours and pantone colours.
  • Effects: Rasterize all effects/filters with a reasonable resolution (see the resolution section).
  • Resolution: We output bitmap graphics on a large format printer. When setting up your files, the resolution must be a min of 100 DPI to a max of 150 DPI at desired output (100%) size.
  • Linked Images: Embed all links or provide us with all the linked images in a folder called “links”. Note: Never use low-resolution images (i.e. screenshots, low-resolution web images, etc.).

Special Prints

  • Backlit CMYK – Indicate backlit mode in your order for prints that are lit from behind.
  • White Print– Make an “alpha channel” in photoshop or add a “white layer” in vector software
  • Indicate if the white should be in backlit mode (200% density).
  • Indicate if you require the white printing to be over or under print.

Colour Matching

  • If a Colour Proof has not been requested (additional charge), we will print directly from the file(s) provided. The customer waives the right to dispute any colour discrepancies.
  • We print in CMYK only.
  • If Colour Matching is required, we will colour match with the exception that some spot (Pantone) colours cannot be matched 100%, due to the nature of our printing process and the limitations of the inks.

Artwork Submission

  • Email 10mb or less.
  • DropBox 300mb or less.
  • DVD, CD, USB 300mb and over.
  • Compressing your le may make file transfer easier (.zip, .sit,.rar).

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